HydroWave Mini System Package


HydroWave Mini System Package

$ 140.00

The Hydrowave MINI gives you the power of Hydrowave in a small, portable package. The Hydrowave MINI gives you our two most popular sounds (Passive & Frenzy) with the same impedence free speaker system and amplification technology of the Hydrowave. The Hydrowave produces sounds of bait fish, and predatory fish which stimulates a competetive reaction in predatory fish nearby. By using Tactile Sound Transmissions (TST) delivered by it's finely tuned amplifier, the Hydrowave is sure to ignite a feeding frenzy. In both of thes preinstalled sounds, the Hydrowave incorporates both Lateral Reactive Technology (LRT) and Vibration Reactive Technology (VRT) to elicit predatory fish responses.

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