EVX "b" Series Rod 7'2" Football Jigs-Frog-Flipping -Med-Hvy


EVX "b" Series Rod 7'2" Football Jigs-Frog-Flipping -Med-Hvy

$ 119.99

EVX "b" Series Rod 7'2"Football Jigs, Frog, Flipping is the everyday actions that do nearly everything asked of them. Their length is a great balance between pinpoint control and casting distance. The medium/heavy power is rated for 10 to 20 lb. and 1/4 to 3/4 oz. baits, is the rod of choice for football jigs, open water frogs, and lighter pitching and flipping. At the core of the Evx "b" series bass rods is the ultra-sensitive and responsive 30-ton carbon fiber blanks. Outfitted with Sea Guide Deep-Press frames with LS zirconium inserts. The Sea Guide frame features a 2-stage slope, specifically designed to reduce tangles from light lines and braid. Additionally, the inserts sit deep in the frame, minimizing their exposure to damage.

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