BW Casey Dirty Bird MultiColor 10-12in Bulls-eye Trgts-10 Pk

Birchwood Casey

BW Casey Dirty Bird MultiColor 10-12in Bulls-eye Trgts-10 Pk

$ 16.70

Dirty Bird Multi-Color Splattering Targets 12" - Dirty Bird introduces the new Multi-Color Splattering Targets. The idea is the same as the standard Dirty Bird targets eee the name comes from the splatter of color that appears upon bullet impact, which makes the hole highly visible even at a distance! Plus, the multi-color targets also show you how good your shot is without having to walk down range. The concentric circles of the bulleees-eye each have their own color splatter, so you can tell by the color how close you are to the center! Heavy tagboard construction makes these targets extra durable, and the non-adhesive back allows you to affix to a surface as you wish, add notes and then easily save the target for future reference. Features: Instant feedback; Maximum visibility; Great for indoor and outdoor use; and Excellent value vs. paper targets. These targets offer the great features of the Dirty Bird Multi-Color, and come with an aiming point for open or scoped sights. Thereeees even a tie-breaking ring in the center!

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