Axcel Hntng Sght Armortech 5 Pin .010 Black


Axcel Hntng Sght Armortech 5 Pin .010 Black

$ 249.99

The Armortech packs a punch with its superior patent pending technology, innovative design, and deadly accuracy. Features fibers that are protected their entire length by Axce's A.F.T.(Armor Fiber Technology) and an innovative scope design T.C.V.(True Center Vision). Also features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, interchangeable right and left hand capabilities, individual micro adjustment on each pin, engraved partial ring at the depth of the sight pins, for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off center. Simple and Accurate 3rd Axis Level Adjustment Built Right in the Sight Bubble. Windage Knob - 20 clicks per revolution adjustablity (.00156 per click) Individual Micro-Pin Adjustment - Turn Micro-Adjustment Knob to move individual sight pin up and down Tool-less windage and elevation thumb lock Interchangeable RH/LH - simply move level to top of scope using screw for left hand use Micro Adjust Each Pin - one at a time or all at once Sight Pin Pivot Lock - enginered to not vibrate loose Engraved Partial Ring - at depth of sight pins, designed for great accuracy when viewed, slightly off center Armor Fiber Technology - Provides 100% protection to fibers that are fully enclosed inside tubing. NO EXPOSED FIBERS True Center Vision T.C.V. - is provided due to the "Hourglass) or Venturi shape inside scope which supplies a circular sight picture reference even when viewed slightly off-center

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